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Save The Strays Society is formed by a group of enthusiasts to help local stray animals in providing food and shelter through initiatives such as:

Adoption Drives

The aim of adoption drives are to help home as many strays or abandoned pets as possible to prevent them from dying of hunger, tortured & abused or caught to be put to sleep by local authorities in order to control the stray’s population. Due to impulsive buying, many pets are left abandoned when their owners are unable to care for them any longer because they are mostly unprepared to take on the responsibility of caring for a pet.
By homing more pets, animal abuse will significantly decrease as the probability of an animal running into the path of an abuser is reduced. Most cases of abuse is contributed by the fact that these animals are so hungry that they go to humans seeking for food and in some cases, they run into the abusive ones.

Providing Assistance

Assistance is provided to local stray feeders to ease their financial burdens in terms of pet food supplies and veterinary expenses e.g sick strays and sterilization costs. Stray cat feeders are feeding and sterilizing the strays out of compassion and all of them are providing the strays with food & medical care with their own finances which could be very taxing on the long run.


Did you know that the costs of feeding stray cats around 3 HDB blocks will amount to approximately $300/mth excluding medical and sterilization expenses? It would cost a whooping $9000/mth to feed the stray cats just in Toa Payoh.

Save The Strays Society aids pet owners who have difficulties supporting their own pets due to financial lack by providing monthly pet food products to them in order to prevent abandonment of their pets.

Did you know that the taste buds of cats changes as they age? The common type of food given to them is Yellow Tail “Kuning” fishes.

Your support will aid us in
1) Easing the financial burden of stray cat feeders
2) Creating adoption drives to help home as many strays as possible
3) Decreasing pet abandonment and animal abuse

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